Oct 28, 2012

French Message Board

This post isn't about quilting, but I did use fabric for this project, so I'm thinking it could be blog-worthy.

I have always wanted a French message board. I love the look of them and I thought that I could make one using the fabrics that I like that go with my decor instead of buying one and making do. 

After my husband made my hinged design wall we had a little bit of the foam insulation board left over and I decided to use it to make a message board. While I was shopping at Jo-Ann's the other day I spotted a piece of home dec fabric that I liked-and it was on sale. I had no idea how big I was going to make my board, so I decided to purchase one yard. I picked out ribbon that I thought would work well and then I decided on covered buttons. 

I had a large enough piece of foam board to make my board 25 X 35". I covered it with batting and then my fabric. If I had used a stretched canvas for my form I would have been able to staple my batting and fabric, but I had to use hot glue since I was using foam board. I fiddled with the ribbon for about an hour before I got it evenly spaced and how I wanted it. I stretched it around to the back and glued it down too. The buttons were fun to cover and really added the detail touch I wanted. Again-hot glue was my method for finishing.

I am pleased with the results and would even consider making them for gifts. It was a fun and creative way to pass the evening. I love having a place to tuck all the cute cards my friends send to me~now I can really enjoy them instead of just tossing them aside in a basket.

Happy quilting.

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