Oct 26, 2012

My Grandmother's Sewing Machine

I was in Florida several weeks ago for a family event and was chatting with my brother. In the middle of our conversation my brother starts telling me that he has our paternal grandmother's old sewing machine. He has no use for it and wanted to know if I would like to have it. On our way home we stopped by his house and picked it up. I am really happy to have this sewing machine because it is a family treasure that I can pass on down to one of my daughters or granddaughters.

In the box with all the attachments for the machine, I found this receipt for the purchase. My grandmother (Mrs G. M. West) bought her machine on Feb 5, 1948. The machine cost $165 (that included the cabinet) and the bench was $14.00. It's a Singer model 66-16.

Here is the machine in its cabinet in my quilt room. The bench is the one that she purchased with it. The lid comes off the seat and it has a tray inside....full of old goodies.

The machine is in bad shape. It is really dirty, has a frayed cord that needs to be replaced and it has that old oil smell about it. But, with some elbow grease, some TLC and a new cord, I think it's going to purr like new. If I can get it to work, I will definitely make a quilt or two on it. 

I love the look of these vintage scrolled front face plates. I have 3 other old Singers and this is my favorite thing about them all.

The machine has a knee control and the cabinet has a small tilted drawer in the front. 

There were lots of other goodies that belonged to my grandmother that came my way along with the machine. The larger box in the background has the buttonhole attachment for the machine. The jar with spools of thread was a special treat. 

I have seen lots of Singer accessories through the years, but I have never seen a seam ripper and needle threader. This one is still in the original envelope and has the instructions with it (she paid $.75) I am tickled to have this one that belonged to my grandmother.

Lots of fun stuff!!

Happy quilting! 

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  1. I just found your blog. Am looking forward to reading. I also have old family machines. Both my maternal and paternal grandmother's and my mom's. It is amazing to look at the simplicity of their mechanisims and what they can do.