Apr 17, 2015

2015 Block Swap-March Blocks

I was way past due getting my swap blocks finished and in the mail this month. (BAD GIRL!!) I didn't even have a good excuse, like- "I broke my arm" or "I was out of town". Nope, I just didn't get them done. I had them cut out weeks ahead of time....but life happens and I don't always get to my quilt room to sew as often as I would like. 

Anyway....they are done and everyone should have gotten them in their mailbox by now. Everyone's blocks were beautiful again this month.

These are mine. I went with a two color theme to each of them this month. I didn't mix it up much. I have decided to use lighter lights for the next few months. I think my blocks are a little too "muddy". 

Here are Anne's, Karen's and Pam's blocks. Karen made five this month. We each need to make two extra blocks for our swap, in addition to the four we are making each month, so she decided that this was the month she was going to make an extra block with a dark center. Karen is always ahead of the game. Way to go, Karen!!

We now have 33 blocks for our quilts. We're getting there!! This is another fun swap.

Happy quilting!


Apr 15, 2015

Bowtie Mini Quilt

About a year ago I bought a really cute wire stand to display three mini quilts on. I also bought a pattern with three mini Amish quilts to go on it. 

The pattern is Mini Amish Trios by Suzanne's Art House and you can buy it here. You can buy the wire stand here. Both of these websites have lots of cute stuff, so look around while you are there!

I set the frame up on my shelf and just knew it would inspire me to get busy making some mini quilts.. But, alas-it did not. :( 

Fast forward to March when Pam decided to make the bowtie mini quilt. She had cut "extra" squares and decided to send them to me. I was really excited to get them from her and even more excited when I realized she had cut enough for me to make all 15 bowties!

They were so cute that I just couldn't resist starting to sew them up right away! They went together quickly, too. I was having so much fun and before I knew it, I had the whole top finished.

I decided to quilt 1/8" around the inside and outside of each bowtie. Quilting on black fabric with black thread is hard! But I flooded the area with lots of light and it helped.

It doesn't take long to bind a 6X10" quilt, either. So, this little mini was finished in a flash.

I bought 1" clothespins at JoAnn's to hang my quilt. I didn't feel like sewing a hanging sleeve on the back and I thought the clothespins were a cute touch. One down, two to go!

Happy Mini Quilting, 

Apr 13, 2015

Sewing Runner From Pam

I went back through my blog posts this morning and realized that I never blogged about this adorable sewing themed runner that Pam's mom made and Pam gave to me! She made several for Pam to give to friends for Christmas last year. It's just too cute not to show it off on my blog. 

It measures 6 1/2 X 25" and each block is unique. I think these hand quilted scissors are just too much fun and the measuring tape between each block is a detail I would never have thought of.

I love the dimension that this jar of buttons gives the runner. The buttons are all sizes, shapes and colors. It's my favorite block.

The pincushion even has a wool strawberry and leaves attached. No detail was overlooked. 

I have this runner on the coffee table in my quilt room and I love looking at it. Thanks for letting me share it with you.

Happy quilting,

Apr 10, 2015

Pin Cushion Collection

I read somewhere that if you have three or more of something then it's officially a collection. If that's true, then I have a great collection of pincushions! My friends know that I love them and they have made and given me some fabulous ones! I should have blogged about them before now, but I had them spread around here and there in my quilt room, and I didn't really realize what a nice collection of them I have!! I decided last week to gather them all in one spot and was surprised at how many I have. 

I got three new pincushions for my birthday this year! (Insert big smile here)

Anne made me this adorable one.  She felted the green wool into the cute aluminum mold, then painted the bunny chocolate and added the flowers with pin centers! How cute and seasonally appropriate! I love it so much that it will be out year round-not just at Easter.

I got this cute wool strawberry from my friend Karen. She didn't say whether or not she made it herself, but she's such a great crafter that I'm betting she did.

My daughter, Melissa, made this precious red polka dot chicken pincushion/thread catcher for me. I have already positioned her right next to my machine and put her to use. I love her! 

Anne also felted these two pincushions for me about 2 years ago. That's a real acorn "hat" the tiny one is made into. The flower is made on the top of an old wooden spool. That girl is so clever!

Years ago, my friend, Melissa, made this pincushion in a tea cup-it was officially the first pincushion in my collection.

Pam found this old egg cup at an antique shop and made a fun pincushion using feedsack fabric on the top! I love that she topped it with a button-it's so "Pam".

To keep with a chicken theme, I love this chicken pincushion with the beaded waddle and comb! He's weighted and stuffed with polyfil.

Anne also felted this adorable mouse. I think she is my favorite of all. Anne named her Thimblelina, and I think the name is just perfect for her.

Just look at this sweet face! What's not to love about her?

I hope you enjoyed a little peek at a few of my pincushions. I was inspired last week to try my hand at making a pincushion. I made this little one for a friend and had a great time doing it. I think I'll be making more in the future!

Happy "Pinning"

Apr 8, 2015

Red X-Stitch Quilt

My birthday was last month and I got wonderful gifts from my family and friends. And some of them were even quilting related! :)

Pam and Anne came to visit me the first week of the month and brought me a fabulous old quilt. What a wonderful gift! Anne told me that she thinks the quilt may have been made by her son-in-law's grandmother. It originally had a ruffle around the outside edge, but after soaking the quilt and getting out the stains, Anne removed the ruffle. She then passed the quilt off to Pam, who put a solid red binding on it. 

I'm tickled to death with my new old quilt. Isn't it just delicious?

Anne pointed out the very thick thread that the quilt maker used to quilt the quilt---and the fact that she didn't bury any of her knots! A lot of work went into all of the X-stitch and it's baffling to me that she wouldn't have buried her quilting knots. :) I think the "thread" she used was just too thick! But I love a quilt with a good story, or even a mystery, so I think it's so fun that the quilt isn't perfect. What it is, is perfectly beautiful!!!

This year I am re-doing my guest bedroom in red and white and this quilt is going to be a perfect accent in the room!

Thank you, Anne and Pam!! I love it!!

Happy Quilting!

Apr 6, 2015

Chicken Pincushion and Thread Catcher

My youngest daughter, Melissa, made me an adorable pincushion/thread catcher for my birthday. I LOVE chickens and my favorite color is red-so this is absolutely perfect! Melissa is a great seamstress, pattern designer and blogger so I wasn't too surprised to get a gift from her that is hand made. What does amaze me is the fact that she has four kids, ages 2-6, and she finds time to make me something for my birthday! She's a sweetie. 

Isn't it just too cute? I love using it!! It makes me smile every time I look at it. 

Happy Stitching!