Aug 25, 2014

Carson's Courtyard

In January, 2013 I posted about a block swap I was doing with five friends. The pattern is from the Summer 2012 issue of Primitive Quilts and Projects and is called Carson's Courtyard. 

This is the picture from the magazine. It's made in much darker colors. We made our blocks in 1930s reproductions fabrics and I love the way they came out. 

I had so many blocks that I decided to make two throw quilts out of my blocks. Since each block is 11" square and I have 60 of them, 30 per quilt in a 5X6 setting is already a 55X66" quilt. Add borders and its a great size throw. 

I divided my blocks into pastel and primary colors. I finished the pastel one first. I decided to do something new and different for the borders on these two quilts. I have never done prairie points before, so on the first quilt I have added them between two white borders. They are not perfect, but I think it came out pretty cute.

Now I am working on the border for the second quilt. I'll show pics of it when I get the border on it. I am enjoying finishing these tops-but I know the quilting awaits me! 

Happy sewing! 


Aug 22, 2014

A New School Year

Summer vacation came and went in a hurry! We were busy with all the usual activities. And it is hard to believe that school time has rolled around again. 

We held our 5th annual back to school tea on Sunday, August 3. Our family has grown so much that we now fill two tables! The food was delicious-finger sandwiches, fruit salad, mini cupcakes, brownies, teas, and lemonade. And my daughter outdid herself with all of her cute decorations.

The girls loved being at their own table this year-lots of talking and giggling came from this side of the room.

Those of us at the "big girl table" had just as much fun. My sister-in-law, Claudia (on the left) is the registrar at a middle school. Her daughter, Elizabeth (next to her) is an elementary school teacher and both of them were already back to work for this school year. This back to school tradition started out as an "all girl" party years ago-but now we have our cute little Ollie with us too-this is his second tea.

The very next day was Sofia's first day of school. Yes, her school started back on August 4th! She's growing up so fast and is in the first grade this year. Her mom made her this  precious new dress for her first day. 

Three days later, on Thursday, these three sisters went back to school. Madison (left) is in 3rd grade. Katelyn (center) started middle school this year as a 6th grader. And Emily (right) is in the 4th grade. 

Then we had to wait a few weeks for our preschoolers to head off to school. Chloe is a 4K student this year. I just love her new back to school haircut-those curls are just bouncing!

The next day Ella started 2 year old preschool. This is her first time to attend school, but her sisters have been going here for years, so she isn't new to the classrooms or the teachers. She was so precious-giggling and smiling all the way into her class. She's officially a "big girl" now.

Now all six have gotten into the school routine......and life is as busy as ever for their moms! 

Ollie is our youngest (until October) and the only one not in school. He is growing up fast, but right now, he is just too cool for school. 

Happy school year! 

Aug 18, 2014

Kathy Schmitz Embroidery Blocks

Years ago I bought a fabric panel designed by Kathy Schmitz. It's called A Stitcher's Garden. I thought I would embroider over the printed designs and use them as quilt block centers. I also bought two jelly rolls in the same line that I would use to make sashing,  a pieced border, etc. I didn't really have a plan in mind, except that I loved the blocks on the panel and wanted to use them in a quilt. But, as usual with my plans, I never got around to doing the stitchery---no big surprise there! 

But, all is not lost. Monica is my friend Pam's mom. She loves to do stitchery and loves to have a project to work on at all times. I mailed her my panel blocks and she stitched them up and had them back to me in the blink of an eye. Her stitches are gorgeous and perfect. Now when I have the time to make these blocks, my centers are ready to go :) 

Here are the six blocks she stitched. Aren't they delicious?

Thanks, Monica! Your work is spectacular!

Happy Stitching, 

Aug 15, 2014

Fish Quilt

I am about to start a new quilt-and it will be finished soon. Our youngest son, Matthew, and his wife, Elise are having their first baby in October! I'm so excited! We are going to have another granddaughter!

Matthew loves fish and salt water and coral and all things aquarium related. He has a huge aquarium in the extra bedroom that is going to be the nursery. And that HUGE aquarium is going to stay right where it is and be the theme for the baby's room. 

With that in mind I set out to find a quilt pattern with a fish theme. It didn't take me long to find this Kissing Fish pattern.  It's absolutely adorable and just what I wanted. Is this cute, or what?

It's a free pdf pattern, so I immediately downloaded and printed it. The finished size is 40 X 51" but I think I am going to make it just a little bit bigger.

When Anne and I went to Sew Much Fun after the Charlotte Quilt Show I found backing fabric and also bought 11 fat quarters to use for fishes. 

I can't wait to get started! The baby will be here in about nine weeks and the way my busy life is going lately I better get started soon! 

I'm a happy 

Aug 13, 2014

2014 Block Swap Update

This year my friends and I have been swapping nine patch blocks. I first posted about it in April. We have been sewing and swapping since January-five blocks per person per month for a total of 25 blocks each month. 

I have been putting my blocks up on my design wall in random order as I receive them. They are all gorgeous and I can't wait for our final blocks in October! I have now run out of space. I guess the rest of my blocks will just have to go into a stack until I am ready to lay them all out and sew them together.

In case you are counting and I seem to be short blocks~one of the ladies in our swap lives in England and because the postage is so high, she has opted to mail us all of our blocks from her at one time in October. 

Happy quilting!


Aug 11, 2014

A Tablerunner from Anne

When I went to the Charlotte quilt show I spent the night with Anne-not because it's so far away, but because it is so fun to do! :) We always have a great time together and I wish we were even closer and could visit more often.

When we get together we usually have a "little something" for each other. Sometimes it is something we made; other times it is something we found in a store that reminded us of our friendship. I was so tickled this visit when Anne gave me this adorable tablerunner that she made. These were leftover "bricks" from our swap for our soldier cot quilts. I love the way she set hers with the green. Isn't it gorgeous? I LOVE SCRAPPY!!

I have the runner on my kitchen table. It's perfect there and it's a constant reminder of a great friend and a fun visit. 

Aug 8, 2014

Charlotte Quilt Show

Quilt shows are always fun. Quilt shows with friends are a blast! When I found out that AQS was having their first ever quilt show in Charlotte, I knew it was a must-attend. Emails, text messages and phone calls with Pam and Anne ensued and our plans were made. 

There were a lot of very modern quilts on exhibit at this show, and since I am very much a traditional quilter, there were not a lot of quilts that inspired me. But, we had a fabulous day together and even made a side trip to both Mary-Jo's and Sew Much Fun. 

Here we are together with one of the winning quilts. We loved the color, applique and cute alphabet in this quilt. 

Here is another quilt by the same quilter. We loved it too. She is quite talented!

This red and green applique quilt was my very favorite in the show. Some day......

The three of us are getting together again in September to go to the AQS show in Chattanooga. I am already looking forward to it! 

Happy Quilting!  


Aug 1, 2014

Card Table Makeover

My mother-in-law moved out of her house and into an independent living apartment building several years ago. She left a lot of things behind that she didn't want, need or have room for in her new home. The family got together and each took things that had special meaning or memories for them. The rest was donated to charity. One of the items my husband brought home was a old card table. 

At first I said "no, thank you". Then I decided it might be really cute with a coat of paint and a new top. My husband was so sweet and removed the top and spray painted the frame for me. I bought vinyl coated fabric and recovered the top. 

I love my "new" card table!