Aug 22, 2014

A New School Year

Summer vacation came and went in a hurry! We were busy with all the usual activities. And it is hard to believe that school time has rolled around again. 

We held our 5th annual back to school tea on Sunday, August 3. Our family has grown so much that we now fill two tables! The food was delicious-finger sandwiches, fruit salad, mini cupcakes, brownies, teas, and lemonade. And my daughter outdid herself with all of her cute decorations.

The girls loved being at their own table this year-lots of talking and giggling came from this side of the room.

Those of us at the "big girl table" had just as much fun. My sister-in-law, Claudia (on the left) is the registrar at a middle school. Her daughter, Elizabeth (next to her) is an elementary school teacher and both of them were already back to work for this school year. This back to school tradition started out as an "all girl" party years ago-but now we have our cute little Ollie with us too-this is his second tea.

The very next day was Sofia's first day of school. Yes, her school started back on August 4th! She's growing up so fast and is in the first grade this year. Her mom made her this  precious new dress for her first day. 

Three days later, on Thursday, these three sisters went back to school. Madison (left) is in 3rd grade. Katelyn (center) started middle school this year as a 6th grader. And Emily (right) is in the 4th grade. 

Then we had to wait a few weeks for our preschoolers to head off to school. Chloe is a 4K student this year. I just love her new back to school haircut-those curls are just bouncing!

The next day Ella started 2 year old preschool. This is her first time to attend school, but her sisters have been going here for years, so she isn't new to the classrooms or the teachers. She was so precious-giggling and smiling all the way into her class. She's officially a "big girl" now.

Now all six have gotten into the school routine......and life is as busy as ever for their moms! 

Ollie is our youngest (until October) and the only one not in school. He is growing up fast, but right now, he is just too cool for school. 

Happy school year! 

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