Jul 1, 2012

A Little Longarm Practice

When I first bought my HQ Sweet Sixteen last year I got lots of advice from people on how to hone my quilting skills. The one thing that everyone told me was "practice, practice, practice." I have taken that advice to heart and have begun quilting my UFO stash. I am now in the mindset that "better finished than perfect" is true. If I wait until I am turning out show quality quilts to finish the mountain of quilt tops I have amassed, then I will never get them done. I am gaining confidence with practice and am feeling better about each project that is completed.

I was also told that "cheater panels" make great practice pieces. You can donate them to a local charity or use them for pet beds if you are not thrilled with your results. So, with that in mind, I bought this printed flannel fabric at Jo-Ann's and layered it with a pink stripe. Yesterday I sat down to do a little practice and I finished this small quilt (40" X 53"). I am going to keep it because I have looked around my house and noticed that I don't have any smaller quilts for my granddaughters to snuggle under when they are visiting. 

My quilting is getting better and I am pleased with my end results.

Happy Quilting!