Aug 8, 2014

Charlotte Quilt Show

Quilt shows are always fun. Quilt shows with friends are a blast! When I found out that AQS was having their first ever quilt show in Charlotte, I knew it was a must-attend. Emails, text messages and phone calls with Pam and Anne ensued and our plans were made. 

There were a lot of very modern quilts on exhibit at this show, and since I am very much a traditional quilter, there were not a lot of quilts that inspired me. But, we had a fabulous day together and even made a side trip to both Mary-Jo's and Sew Much Fun. 

Here we are together with one of the winning quilts. We loved the color, applique and cute alphabet in this quilt. 

Here is another quilt by the same quilter. We loved it too. She is quite talented!

This red and green applique quilt was my very favorite in the show. Some day......

The three of us are getting together again in September to go to the AQS show in Chattanooga. I am already looking forward to it! 

Happy Quilting!  


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  1. I visited the Charlotte quilt show several years ago when I lived much closer. They put on a good show.