Jan 23, 2013

Carson's Courtyard Block Swap

My friends and I had so much fun with the Summer's Last Bloom block swap we did last year that we are doing another swap this year. We decided to do a pieced block (less time consuming) and something that is not Civil War. We love Primitive Quilts and Projects Magazine and found a great pattern in the Summer 2012 that is scrappy and would lend itself well to a swap. It's called Carson's Courtyard. The blocks are 11" finished and easy to make. 

When we were together in September we all discussed the "rules" for our swap and decided to use 1930's reproduction fabrics and white for this quilt. Since we were together, we purchased the same white fabric so that it would be consistent throughout the quilt. We chose to begin mailing in January and are going to make and swap blocks for 10 months-getting together again in September or October. There are six of us swapping this year, so we will have 60 blocks when we are finished. 

I have cut all of my white fabric into the 6 1/2" squares that I need and also cut the reproduction fabric for the first eight of the months. I am going to decide what colors I want to do for the other two months later on. I stacked them all and put them back into the cabinet-ready to come out and be sewn at a moment's notice. 

This is going to be a fun swap and I will post pictures of my blocks periodically.

I have been working a lot on my 5th block of When The Cold Wind Blows and am getting close to finishing it. I will post pictures of it when I am done.

Happy Quilting, Grammy.


  1. Do you pre-wash your fabric before storage or before use?

    1. This is a question that has quilters strongly divided-a question that does not have a right or wrong answer, just opinions. I choose not to wash my fabrics before storage or use. I like the hand of the fabric before washing-I find it easier to handle for cutting and piecing. I also like the way my quilts look when they are finished and then washed. It gives them a soft, wrinkled, aged look that is appealing to me. Either way you choose, your quilts will always turn out beautifully.