Jan 4, 2013

Christmas Crafts and Gifts

This is my last post about Christmas! I couldn't write this before Christmas because I didn't want my family members to see what I was up to. And then after Christmas my husband and I went out of town for our anniversary. Now the new year has started and I am just getting around to posting this. Looks like I am starting out the year a day late and a dollar short. 

I told my husband that I wanted more Christmas "spirit" this year and one way I was going to get it was by making gifts. I love handmade gifts and so does my family. 

It all started with some "Clifford fabric" I found in an Amish quilt shop last September. My oldest granddaughter, Katelyn (9 1/2), has loved Clifford since she was a tiny toddler. As soon as I saw this fabric I knew I had to get it and make her some pajama pants for Christmas. And every grandmother knows you can't make something for JUST ONE grandchild-you have to make something for each and every grandchild. So, this Christmas I made something for each of my 6 granddaughters (and my 2 daughters, my mom and my husband.) I had a great time and it was just what I needed to give me that good old-fashioned Christmas spirit.

I have made each of my granddaughters Christmas pillowcases. I owed one to the two youngest and these are the fabrics that I chose for them. They are Christmasy and young and fun. 

These are Katelyn's Clifford pajama pants. I loved the coordinating fabric and just had to have it for contrasting cuffs and waist. 

I made this purse for Emily (she will be 8 on Sunday). She is such a girly-girl and I knew these cute flowers were perfect for her. This pattern is the Amy Butler Frenchy Bag.

Madison is 6 1/2 and is a huge Snoopy lover. Her Snoopy dog goes everywhere with her! She wanted a backpack for her Snoopy to wear and this Peanuts fabric was perfect. I am going to make her a matching one as soon as I get some more fabric. I also made her a pillowcase from this fabric for her birthday last year. 

Four and a half year old Sofia loves Tinkerbell, so I got this fabric to make an I-Spy bag for her. The idea is not an original one. I just did a Google search and found a pattern I liked. Most of the items inside her bag are cute buttons.

I did put a pocket in the back for the card to be tucked into when not in use. 

Sofia's sister, Chloe, age 2 1/2, also got an I-Spy bag. Nothing but Minnie Mouse fabric would work for her.

Ella, 15 months, got a ball. It was challenging, but a lot of fun to make. She loves throwing it and it is so easy for her to pick up because of the way it's made. 

As you can see, none of my projects were complicated or too time consuming to make. Each was catered to the interests and likes of the recipient. And they were all loved on Christmas morning-bringing that Christmas spirit and joy to all. 

Happy New Year.

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  1. These gifts are so heartfelt & precious!! And they cater to each child's personality. I'm in awe of your creativity, Marcia! They're so lucky to have such a loving Grammy : )