Jan 13, 2013

A Clock for my Quilt Room

As you know by now, my husband loves woodworking. For Christmas this year he made our youngest daughter a long-awaited hope chest. It was beautiful and she was thrilled on Christmas morning. But, I don't think she was any more excited about it than I was surprised and excited about what he made for me!

I knew he was up to something in his workshop the last few days before Christmas and since he was wouldn't tell me what he was busy working on, I figured it was something for me. Imagine my surprise on Christmas morning when I found this-

He included everything he could think of that is a favorite of mine. I collected chicken fabrics with two friends for several years. We made and swapped chicken blocks and each made a quilt. Because of those chicken fabrics and quilts my friends and I now each have a pretty extensive chicken collection.  We even manage to each find and swap chicken Christmas ornaments every year. Yes, there really are chicken ornaments! So, my clock just wouldn't be complete if it didn't include a chicken. 

I love the ruler and scissors tucked under the wing and the spool of thread in his foot!! He actually cut these "scissors" from a piece of wood and painted them to look like a real pair of scissors. The ruler is part of a yardstick that he cut to size. Isn't he just too cute? A sewing rooster!

For the working clock he bought several packages of buttons that contained buttons that reminded him of me. There are sewing items, chickens and several flip-flops (my shoe of choice) that mark the numbers on the clock. 

The spool of thread and needle on the left side are also cut from wood. He painted the spool with blackboard paint so that I can write anything I want to on it. He wrote the saying that is on it now. 

I have my new clock hanging over the door in my quilt room. Just because I now know what time it is doesn't mean I don't lose all track of time when I get involved in my latest quilt project. 

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  1. What a splendid gift! He is very creative and knew just what you needed for the quilt room. The scissors do look real.