Sep 24, 2015

Gift Exchange

My BFF's and I don't live near each other and when we get together, it's always so fun. We giggle like schoolgirls and enjoy each other's company so much. We also like to treat each other with a little gift. Our Chattanooga get together was no exception. 

Judy made each of us adorable hot pads in our favorite color. She also gave us a tissue cover for our purse and a cute little magnetic box. I'm going to keep my applique pins in mine.

Pam made us each a wool pumpkin pincushion. She included lots of other goodies too-socks, soap, thread, and a charm pack of Civil War fabric. 

Anne treated us to really cute Fall decorations! I love my new metal pumpkin candleholder. She also gave us an assortment of Fall scented tea candles to go in it. I already have mine sitting out. And the notecards with seasonal colored leaves were perfect for writing thank you notes!

I made something for my friends too. Unfortunately, I bit off more than I could chew and made something that took more time than I had and I didn't get Anne's finished before we went to Chattanooga. I'll show you more about these bags tomorrow. Cheers!

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  1. It's a good thing to have wonderful friends !
    Lucky youuuuu !! :))