Sep 9, 2015

I Spy....and a Bug Jar

I have been cutting up fabrics and making "quilt kits" to sew on. Cutting a quilt seems to take me forever and when I am ready to start sewing on a project, I want to dig in and sew.  I don't want to spend time cutting. Those times when I have 15 minutes and could be stitching on something, these projects will be ready. It's gratifying to knock out a few simple blocks in short order. 

So, the other day, when I was in the mood to cut-I did!! I cut...and cut...and cut. 

First I cut over 250  3 1/2" squares and have them ready to stitch for an I Spy Quilt! (I have been collecting and swapping for many years.)

Some of my squares are cut on point and I'm going to sew triangles in the corners to square them up.

I cut others into squares and I'm going to put borders around them so they are the same size as the other blocks.

I've started collecting solids to use for the corners and borders. 

My grandkids aren't getting any younger, so it's now or never, if I'm going to make an I Spy quilt!

I decided while I was in the mood to cut that it was a good time to dig into the bug fabric collection too. My grandson, Oliver, is 2 1/2 now and I'm thinking he is just the right age for a bug jar quilt. I bought this pattern about 12 years ago-just knowing some day I would have a grandson. After SIX girls, we finally had a boy and I am thrilled to finally be able to make this quilt!

I have 30 "jars" cut, and even made my lid units. I already have my backing fabric, too. This should make up pretty darn quick.

Now, when I have just a few minutes to sit and stitch, I'm ready.


  1. 250 squares !!!!??? Oh My God....!!
    OK Marcia, I am so impatient to admire your quilt now !

  2. It's lovely to have all that preparation done so you can just sew, sew, sew.