Oct 14, 2012

Des Moines Quilt Show

My BFF's oldest daughter got married in Omaha on October 6. I have never been to Nebraska before so I was ready for a new adventure. My husband and I decided to fly in a few days early and see what adventures awaited us. As I was searching the web for places to go and things to see I discovered that the Des Moines quilt show was taking place just two hours to the east at the exact time we were going to be in town! It had to be kismet. Nothing says "road trip" like a good quilt show. My husband was up for the ride, so when our plane landed and our car was rented we followed the scent of fabric east. 

The quilt show was wonderful.  I wandered the vendor aisles and actually bought NOTHING-that's a first for me. There were a lot of wonderful booths and I was so inspired, but I kept thinking of all the projects that were awaiting me at home and I just couldn't buy another thing.

The quilts were awesome. I took quite a few pictures with my cell phone-so please pardon the poor quality of the photos. I love applique, so you are going to see a lot of it. Oh- the machine quilting was spectacular-enlarge the photos and check out the detail!  Now, make a cup of tea (or grab a glass of wine) and sit back to enjoy the virtual quilt tour from the Des Moines show. 

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  1. These quilts are sooooo gorgeous! Except for I could without the one of Jack Nicholson (he kinda creeps me out, but I realize it's stunningly innovative : ) Thanks for sharing this extraordinary art!