Nov 3, 2012

New Cabinets for My Quilt Room

I have been waiting anxiously to write this blog post. My husband has been hard at work for the last two months. Now that he is finally finished I can share the fruits of his labor and my new cabinets with you. 

My quilt room is so awesome because my husband is so talented and so wonderful to me! He has made me a cutting table, a side table, an extension table, and two design walls! Now he has made me a wall of cabinets to store my fabric in. 

Before we moved to this house seven years ago I sewed in a dark corner of our den. I purchased some shelving units from Staples to store my fabric, patterns, books, magazines, etc. When we moved I used those same shelves and added to them as my stash grew. I liked them because I could also stack them and save floor space. 

But, my quilt room gets intense afternoon sun. I have had to be creative to keep my fabric from fading because it is all stored on the west facing wall, with a window in the center of the wall.

I put pieces of cardboard at the end of the shelves to protect the fabric from the afternoon sun. It wasn't the best solution in the world, but it was better than doing nothing.

I'm running out of room too! Since I took these pictures I have taken all the fabric off of the bolts and folded it flat.

You can tell how bright the sun coming in the window is-and this is with the blinds shut. I kept a piece of muslin over the bolts under the window so that they wouldn't fade.

None of this was working for me. I needed more storage-something more efficient than the open shelves.  I mentioned to my husband that I would love to have cabinets to store my fabric in, so that I could keep the sun and dust off of it. I drew up a sketch on graph paper and showed it to him. The next thing I knew we were moving all the shelves and he was measuring for cabinets! I didn't even have a chance to catch my breath. 

It was so sad and empty at that end of the room with all the shelves and fabrics moved. It was very depressing to me. 

And the room was a mess too!! All that stuff had to go somewhere. It was moved and shoved to any empty spot where there was floor room for it. The shelves were so close together that I couldn't see the fabric or get to anything I wanted without sliding them a little bit to make a space between them. That was no easy feat, either-those shelves full of fabric are HEAVY!

My husband was very busy in his workshop for weeks building BIG cabinets for my quilt room. I loved going downstairs every day to see the progress.

After they were assembled, primed and painted, I helped carry the cabinets up two flights of stairs from the basement to the second floor. I was getting so excited at this point! I was giggling like a little girl on Christmas morning. 

First a "dry fit" to make sure that everything was going to work. Already I could see my vision coming to life. After the cabinets were in place they had to be shimmed and leveled and then installed. It was sooo hard to be patient!

All ten cabinets are installed at this point and it's coming along--but there is quite a bit of sanding going on, too. 

A fine dust was coating every inch of the room--I pulled old sheets out and covered all the fabric in the room. My hubby still needed to make the open shelves that will be installed on the far right and far left of the cabinets. 

For a week I watched and waited--and I must admit--impatiently. I was so excited to see my room being transformed with a wall of cabinets! And I wanted to put my fabric on the shelves so badly!! It was killing me to just look at all of those gorgeous EMPTY shelves and not fill them with my fabric.

At last!!! The paint was dry, the shelves were cleaned and all my fabric is finally in its new home! I just love it-it is everything I envisioned it to be. Everything has its own place~nice and neat and folded and stacked and YUMMY! There is even a cute little seat under the window-I know my granddaughters are going to love sitting there.

On this side I have all of my "fabric by color", homespuns and brushed cottons, hand-dyed, and some backing fabrics. In the upper tall cabinet are all my conversation prints-chickens, I-spy, seasonal, etc. 

On the right side of the window I have my collections of Civil War repros, 30's repros, and Kansas Troubles. I also have a lot of future projects stacked and waiting to be sewn.

My Civil War reproduction collection. I love Jo Morton and Judie Rothermel. I also have some Barbara Brackman and lots of shirtings to use with them. 

My Kansas Troubles fabrics. I have over 1,000 different 5" charms. Someday I am going to make a true charm quilt out of them-no two fabrics in the quilt will be the same. I have already made several quilts out of my stash of Kansas Troubles fabrics and I see several more in those stacks.

It's like a tall tower of delicious-ness. I love all my fabrics. I am so excited to get back into my quilt room and sew again. 

My new motto. :-) I bought this sign at the Sewing and Quilting Expo last week. My husband just chuckled when he saw it. 

The open shelves on the outside edges are going to be fun for display and practicality. One of these jars has selvages and the other is my binding jar. I also have two cute Singer tins that I keep patterns in. I sure wish I could find more of them.

I love looking at the fabric so much! It's almost sad to put cabinet doors on and close it all up. I am inspired when I see all the fabric.

Here we are! Welcome.......come on in. All of the cabinet doors are installed and everything is finished. I love the way it looks. I decided that I wanted red knobs on the cabinets to give a pop of color to the room in that sea of white cabinets. I bought large wooden knobs and my husband spray painted them for me. He also took the knobs off of my cutting table drawers and painted them red too. (He's a sweetie!)

I have died and gone to quilting heaven when I'm in this room. I could just move in and never leave (except when I get really hungry).

I love the little window seat! And my granddaughters are going to love it too. 

I kept one of my old shelf units. My wool and patterns are here. Maybe one day I will have used up enough of my fabric to make room for the wool in the cabinets too.

Everything is so neat and organized now. I am excited to get back in the room and finish up a few projects that are waiting for completion.

I also picked up a free quilting frame at a quilt shop a few weeks ago. It was just sitting in a box in the corner of the room by the sale fabric with a sign on it that said "free". I decided that it needed to come home with me. There were no instructions with it, but I laid all the pieces out and figured out how to put it together. The extra rods on the floor are to extend the length for a bigger quilt. I haven't decided what I am going to do with it yet. I don't hand quilt, so it's going to be a display piece~just not sure where.

I hope you have enjoyed the tour of my quilt room with its new cabinets. 

Happy Quilting!


  1. Wow you have a beautiful room and a wonderful husband.

    My hubby supports my projects, but unfortunately is not as talented as yours in the wood working department.

    1. Thanks, Michelle. It is wonderful to have a handy husband, but I think it's great that your husband supports you too. Great men are hard to find-we are lucky women!

  2. Your quilt studio is awesome and I'd say your husband is too. My "girl cave" is about 1/4 the size of your room, but my husband installed as many cabinets and shelving it would allow. He even installed a work station using pre-assembled cabinets and cutting out a drop in space in the counter top for my sewing machine, cutting off the bottom of the cabinets as much as we could so the top would be at a more comfortable height. Trying to figure out how I can get him to make me a movable cutting table now.

    Here's to many enjoyable hours in your studio!

    1. Thanks, Chris. It sounds like your husband has really helped you obtain the quilt room of your dreams too. I'm sure you'll figure out that cutting table-did you see my hinged design wall in a previous post? Where there is a will, there's a way. I hope you enjoy your room as much as I do mine.

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