Nov 17, 2012

Pam's Quilt Room

Last week Anne and I went to Virginia to visit Pam. She and her husband recently bought a house there and are still in the process of getting settled in. Anne and I were anxious to  see where Pam is now living-so off we went for a quick visit. We told Pam to leave a little unpacking for us to help her with. But, instead of unpacking boxes, the three of us spent time in Pam's quilt room-hanging things on the wall, organizing the closet, and arranging her antique sewing treasures. Pam has quite a collection of sewing goodies and she is great at creating vignettes that are so pleasing to the eye. I took a few pictures, because I thought you might enjoy seeing her room. I took all of these with my phone (because I never remember to take my camera anywhere with me) so the quality is not good-I apologize for that.

Welcome to Pam's quilt room. It's the bonus room and it's HUGE! She has a walk-in closet, 2 dormers, a full bathroom and walk out access to the attic (which has flooring in it for extra storage!) She said she is going to add a dorm fridge and an electric teapot-I think she is planning on moving in and never leaving this space! And who wouldn't want to stay here forever?

On the left is the cabinet where Pam has her Kansas Troubles fabrics and her wool stored. The black desk has her sewing machine on it and is work central in this room. She currently has a piece of flannel hanging like curtains on her back wall as a temporary design wall-she is going to make it a more permanent fixture in the future. 

Here is the cozy spot that Pam created to sit and do hand stitching. She swapped blocks with Anne and the two of them each made a Dear Jane quilt (hanging over the rack on the left side of the picture). The sewing basket in the foreground is an old German one. A lot of us picked them up various places when we were with our husbands stationed in Germany. 

A treadle sewing machine cabinet makes a perfect spot to display old photos, a dish of buttons and a jar with old spools of thread. The backdrop is a antique drying rack draped with a pair of quilts. 

Near her sewing machine hangs a shelf where Pam has some really cute antique sewing items. Under it is a small bookcase where she has her thread and other sewing supplies close at hand. 

Here is a close up of the shelf on the wall. Pam loves vintage sewing items and finds them at flea markets, garage sales and antique shops. She has a great collection of old buttons, needle packages, wooden darners and wooden spools of thread. 

These shelves are next to Pam's sewing machine and hold all the supplies she needs when she sits to sew.

On top of another cabinet is a collection of old canning jars filled with thread, buttons and scissors. 

This is the sewing machine that goes in the treadle cabinet. It has been passed down in Pam's family and is not one that she purchased somewhere. She intends on getting it in good working order and using it to make a quilt. 

Anne made this mouse for Pam! (she also made one for Tisha for her birthday and I blogged about it here.) She named her Sewjourner and she holds a tiny basket and is wearing a acorn hat. She is SO adorable! 

These Amish figures sit among a collection of tiny oil lamps on a shelf over the treadle sewing machine.

The lamp, basket of buttons, and the P. Buckley Moss print are over the fireplace. We all love to go to Lancaster, PA and spend time in the Amish quilt shops. 

A printer's tray and a rack with a cute quilt hanging over it create something lovely to look at as Pam presses her quilt blocks. I know that the next time I visit there will be lots of tiny treasures in each of those spaces. 

I love this grouping hanging over this quilt. The frame on the lower left has three old pages from the Kansas City Star newspaper with quilt patterns. Everywhere you turn there is something fun and interesting to look at! It would take all day to really LOOK at everything in Pam's room! And she remembers where she got each item and can tell you a story about it. 

A ruler rack on top of the shelves holds Pam's rulers and an adorable wallhanging holds her rotary cutters, tape measure, seam ripper, etc, at her cutting station. The suitcases and boxes below hold more fabric. 

I forgot to take pictures of the bookcases behind the sofa-they hold quilt books, patterns, more cute vintage items. I also didn't take pictures inside Pam's closet. It was so neat and tidy with stacks and stacks (and stacks) of fabric and projects. 

I hope you enjoyed this look at Pam's quilt room. It sure was a fun place to spend time and I look forward to going back again soon. 

Happy quilting. 

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