Apr 27, 2015

Oh, What A Mess!

I keep my quilt room pretty neat and tidy most of the time. I just can't work in clutter-it goes against my type-A personality. I can have two projects, at most, on my cutting table at one time. If I have three projects going, one of them has to sit elsewhere if I'm not working on it at that very minute. 

The same goes for my sewing surface. I have my sewing machine in a cabinet (in the center of the room) and the tables for my sit-down long arm back up to it. It makes for a large wide open surface for sewing or quilting large fabrics. I have to keep this area cleaned off too, because I don't like anything in the way when I'm stitching. 

A place for everything and everything in its place. 

Oh, but I failed miserably recently. My room was a total disaster last week! I have discovered a new-to-me blog and found a quilt on the site that has inspired me to step outside my Civil War reproduction fabric comfort zone. I want to make a "low volume" scrappy quilt. So, I needed to dump out my scrap bags, which contain darling fabrics from my daughter, Melissa, and look for treasure. As I was digging, I began sorting by color and pretty soon my room looked like this!

It took me three evenings to make that mess! But I found a nice stash of low volume fabrics for my new project. The next day I hit my favorite quilt shop and added 22 more fabrics to it. Today I ordered a few more online. I should be ready to start this new project in about a week. 

This week is dedicated to finishing my granddaughter's baby quilt before she starts preschool! She's 6 months old already and it's not finished. Shame on this Grammy!

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