Apr 17, 2015

2015 Block Swap-March Blocks

I was way past due getting my swap blocks finished and in the mail this month. (BAD GIRL!!) I didn't even have a good excuse, like- "I broke my arm" or "I was out of town". Nope, I just didn't get them done. I had them cut out weeks ahead of time....but life happens and I don't always get to my quilt room to sew as often as I would like. 

Anyway....they are done and everyone should have gotten them in their mailbox by now. Everyone's blocks were beautiful again this month.

These are mine. I went with a two color theme to each of them this month. I didn't mix it up much. I have decided to use lighter lights for the next few months. I think my blocks are a little too "muddy". 

Here are Anne's, Karen's and Pam's blocks. Karen made five this month. We each need to make two extra blocks for our swap, in addition to the four we are making each month, so she decided that this was the month she was going to make an extra block with a dark center. Karen is always ahead of the game. Way to go, Karen!!

We now have 33 blocks for our quilts. We're getting there!! This is another fun swap.

Happy quilting!


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  1. I like what the blocks look like laid out all together. The star points start showing up.