Apr 15, 2015

Bowtie Mini Quilt

About a year ago I bought a really cute wire stand to display three mini quilts on. I also bought a pattern with three mini Amish quilts to go on it. 

The pattern is Mini Amish Trios by Suzanne's Art House and you can buy it here. You can buy the wire stand here. Both of these websites have lots of cute stuff, so look around while you are there!

I set the frame up on my shelf and just knew it would inspire me to get busy making some mini quilts.. But, alas-it did not. :( 

Fast forward to March when Pam decided to make the bowtie mini quilt. She had cut "extra" squares and decided to send them to me. I was really excited to get them from her and even more excited when I realized she had cut enough for me to make all 15 bowties!

They were so cute that I just couldn't resist starting to sew them up right away! They went together quickly, too. I was having so much fun and before I knew it, I had the whole top finished.

I decided to quilt 1/8" around the inside and outside of each bowtie. Quilting on black fabric with black thread is hard! But I flooded the area with lots of light and it helped.

It doesn't take long to bind a 6X10" quilt, either. So, this little mini was finished in a flash.

I bought 1" clothespins at JoAnn's to hang my quilt. I didn't feel like sewing a hanging sleeve on the back and I thought the clothespins were a cute touch. One down, two to go!

Happy Mini Quilting, 

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  1. Really great quilt display stand. You made the perfect little quilt to hang on it. Love all things Amish or Amish Inspired. Looking forward to seeing the next two.