Apr 24, 2015

Half Square Triangle Mini Quilt

While cutting and trimming on my 2015 swap blocks I have been saving ALL my scraps. My imagination has been working overtime thinking about what I am going to make with all my leftover pieces. I love the mini bowtie quilt I made recently and I want to make more to hang on my wire display with it. Small bits of fabric left over after you  cut for blocks or little triangle tidbits you cut off of corners are perfect scraps for mini quilts. 

As I was trimming the corner triangles on my swap blocks, this little pile on my cutting table got bigger and bigger. And tiny little bits can add up to cute quilts!

I sewed  several  triangles together and trimmed them to 1 1/2" squares. They were so adorable!! I'm not used to working with such tiny pieces of fabric, but this is fun and very addictive!

When I got four of them made I just HAD to sew them into a four-patch! It's official--I am "hooked on minis!"

I sent a picture to Pam (since it's all her "fault" I made the bowtie quilt) and asked if she happened to be saving her triangles from our swap blocks too. Seconds later this photo was texted back to me! I was not surprised in the least. :)

Pam and I have decided to trade triangles since we are using different fabrics for our blocks. It will give us more variety when we sew them all together. This will be my mini project I work on along side the block swap this year. 

Happy quilting! 

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