Apr 22, 2015

Mini Charms

Moda Fabrics calls their 2 1/2" squares "mini charms" and that is exactly what they are-charming!! I love them! They are so versatile and such a great size to work with. I have been cutting, saving, swapping and collecting my very own stash of them! I have not decided yet what I am going to make with them, but it's going to be fun, whatever it is! Whenever I get down to just a little bit of fabric left, I cut the remainder into 2 1/2" squares and it doesn't take long for the stacks to grow!

In fact, you end up with more little charms than you ever thought you would have! FAST!

I think they begin to multiply when you aren't looking. And that's just fine because the more, the merrier. They are so delicious. I look at them and the possibilities for blocks and quilts is just filling my brain and swirling around so fast they make my head swim. 

This is my collection of Civil War mini charms. I had to buy this container to put them in because my stacks were so tall they kept falling over. That's a tough problem to have, isn't it?

Each of these stacks is almost 9" tall. I estimated that there are about 1500 little squares of fabric here. That's over 6,000 square inches in those three stacks! If I sewed them all together just as they are, I could make a quilt top that measures about 70X86". I think that's amazing to be able to make a whole quilt out of a bunch of little squares that I might have thrown out as scraps a while back. With the ever rising cost of fabric, I think more and more of my quilts may have a lot of "charm" to them.

Happy quilting, 

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