Feb 6, 2015

Split Decision Quilt

My sister-in-law, Claudia, has watched and waited patiently as I have made quilt after quilt and given them to family members. I have made quilts for each new baby, a quilt for my niece (her daughter) for her college graduation, and throw quilts for each of my kids and their spouses to cuddle under when they watch television. About ten years ago I made quilts for my in-laws (Claudia's parents) for Christmas.  I was not ignoring my sister-in-law. She is so kind and generous and a total sweetheart and definitely "quilt worthy". It just seemed like each time I thought about making her a quilt, something else happened and she got pushed to the back of the line again. I didn't realize how badly she wanted a quilt until she told her new son-in-law at a family function that he had to "get in line behind me" when he said he guesses it's his turn for the next quilt. Everyone laughed, but I knew then that she really wanted a quilt!

Even though my wrist was still bothering me with swelling, pain, and difficulty gripping, nothing was going to keep me from making Claudia a quilt for Christmas this year. But I decided that I would make it as easy as possible and make a quilt using pre-cuts.  I had two jelly rolls I had purchased several years ago. It was a nice soft color palette and I knew it would make a beautiful quilt for Claudia. I chose a pattern called Split Decision-a "Hip to Strip" Jelly Roll pattern.

This quilt went together like a dream! The cutting was so simple and the blocks were so easy to make. I made more blocks than the quilt called for because I only had one fabric for a border and I wanted the quilt to be a good size.

On my design wall-the colors of the fabrics here 
are much brighter than in reality.

Claudia was pretty happy on Christmas morning to get her new quilt and she let me take some pictures of her with it a few weeks later.

Merry Christmas, Claudia. I'm sorry your quilt was so long in the making. I hope it was worth the wait :)

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  1. I am sure she will treasure it for a lifetime. And it is that much more special since you were not feeling at your best when you worked on this. It is a wonderful quilt and a good size too.