Feb 19, 2015

Guest Speakers

Last Fall my friend Pam asked Anne and me to come visit her in January and join her at her quilt guild meeting. She wanted the three of us to give the program on Round Robin quilts. Since the we have participated in five round robins together, we had plenty of quilts to show and ideas to share with Pam's guild. This was going to be fun!

I got out all my round robins. Only one was finished! A second one was 75% quilted and the other three were tops. I had to finish up as many of my Round Robins as possible in the time allowed. But I had a cast on my arm at the time and the holidays ahead of me. This was going to be a challenge. 

We had a great time at Pam's quilt guild. They seemed to really enjoy our presentation, had lots of questions, and even took pictures of us. We had a great time too. Maybe we should take our show on the road. ;)

Pam is showing her Amish Stars quilt. It was our first Round Robin.

We also talked about the difference in a Round Robin and a block swap. We showed Anne's chicken quilt at the end of our talk. It's a block swap the three of us did years ago using chicken patterns and dozens of chicken fabrics. It's always a hit! 

Happy Quilting!


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