Feb 3, 2015

Christmas Sewing

Once I got my cast off, I had a lot of catching up to do! It had been months since I had been able to do anything in my quilt room. Now the holidays were approaching and I had things to do!! I didn't go to physical therapy after I got my cast off-the dr. said that I needed to just jump back in and use my hand. The problem was pain and swelling. It lasted for weeks and was really getting me down. I was able to eat with my right hand, but I still couldn't hold a pen, much alone a rotary cutter. I was so frustrated. So I decided to start off slowly.

My daughter, Melissa, wanted to make matching pajamas for her kids and all their cousins to wear for Christmas. I thought it sounded like a fun idea and I volunteered to help her. I bought yards and yards of flannel fabric and matching red T-shirts. I packed my serger and off I went to spend the day with her. 

We had the best time! She was cutting out all the pants and I was sewing them up almost as quickly as she could cut. Then she threaded the elastic through the waistbands and presto-pronto--we had made eight pairs of pajama pants in under five hours!! I left the shirts with Melissa-she had decided to applique their initials on them. 

A few days later all the grandkids came to our house to decorate their Christmas tree. We also baked Christmas cookies, ate pizza and had a quick photo session. I knew that Christmas day would be a chaos of toys, wrapping paper and ribbon and that I would never get them all together for a picture....

All the girls gathered in front of the Christmas tree and lots and lots of pictures were taken, but Ollie was having nothing to do with it. You see, he's two. Enough said.

So, we moved to the stairs and plopped Ollie into the picture. Even a Christmas cookie bribe didn't make him any happier. But I still love the picture and I sent it out in my Christmas cards. 

I think their pajamas came out really cute--we may have to make this an annual tradition. 

I hope your holidays were happy too! 


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  1. Welcome back. So happy to see your post. I do believe you have a great Christmas Tradition going on there. Wonderful pictures. Happy you are on the mend. Take it slow.