Mar 25, 2012

Shop Hop

Friday had all the makings of a great day. Spending the day with a friend, shopping at four quilt shops and having lunch out! There was a shop hop in our area and we decided to check out some of the shops that were not in our "neck of the woods." 

For me the highlight of the shop hop was the fact that at one shop there was a "you must be present to win" drawing every 20 minutes and they drew my name while I was still in the shop! I won a free quilt book! 

I am a huge fan of Blackbird Designs. Their applique patterns are GORGEOUS! So, when I saw this book as one of my choices, I was thrilled to take it home with me. :) 

What a great day, huh? Think it can't get any better? I didn't think so either until my friend, Judy presented me with a birthday gift! How sweet and thoughtful! And she even made me something-now, that's really sweet, isn't it?

This pin cushion is made on the lid of a canning jar that is the perfect size to hold your thread. She also gave me the little sign to hang in my quilt room.

All of my friends have lavished me with wonderful birthday gifts this year-they spoil me so rotten. I am having a whole birth-month, instead of just a birth-day. I am just the luckiest girl ever. 

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