Mar 3, 2012

A Little Mini

I have granddaughters.  Six of them, to be exact! You would think that by this stage of the game I would be well versed in doll quilts. But, truth be told, I have only made a few.  The girls have always loved a Barbie doll more than a baby doll and I am NOT making doll quilts tiny enough for Barbie! Recently, American Girl dolls have made an appearance in our family and this is where the doll quilts have come in. My oldest granddaughter, Katelyn, has Lanie and wanted a canopy bed with curtains, so I made this bedding and quilt for her.  She was thrilled.  

These quilt blocks were so easy because they were made from corner triangles that I cut off of a larger quilt I was making.

Emily picked out a different bed for her doll, Josephina, and liked the horse-themed bedding that came with it, so no doll quilt was required for her.
Madison's birthday was next and she picked Julie, a 1970's girl, for her American Girl doll. She wanted the same bed as her sister, Katelyn, but with a twist. I strung the beads and made the simple patchwork quilt in fabrics that just cried out 70's.

This little doll quilt, 16X22" fits the bed perfectly

I decided the other day that I am ready to try my hand at some mini quilts. I have purchased patterns for some of Lori Smith's small quilts and can't wait to make them. I also recently purchased a very small kit and decided to take a break from what I was working on and make it. This went together very quickly and I am tickled with the results. I think I see a lot more minis in my future.

This little mini is a kit I bought at Sweet Home Quilt Company.  
They call it Scrappy Patches.

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