Mar 17, 2012

A Local Quilt Show

Quilt shows are a wonderful source of inspiration. Between the gorgeous quilts on display and the vendors selling everything a quilter needs, you come away from a quilt show excited and ready to start a new project. 

Today I attended a local quilt show put on by a small guild. The quilts were wonderful-made by very talented ladies. I am in totally in love with applique right now and so I was drawn to the many applique quilts there. I snapped pictures of a few of them to share here.

I love the bright colors of this quilt.

This black background is stunning.

This is the exact same quilt pattern as the 
picture above. I love the completely different 
look because of color choice and border design. 

This simple checkerboard border 
ties the whole quilt together.

A great combination of pieced and appliqued.

This quilt, done predominately in black,
and the next two, done in other colorways,
again show how different a quilt can look
depending on fabric choice.

This one has different flowers in the
baskets and no applique in the border.

Though also done in darker tones, 
this quilt has a soft look.

The show was small, with only a handful of vendors but the great quilts made the trip worthwhile. I am ready to get back to my own applique project now. 

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  1. I too attended our local Quilt Show on Saturday. So many quilts; so many talented people. Does make you want to rush home and get quilting. I have never tried applique; but think it is beautiful. Maybe someday?! I like the applique quilt you are working on (in your previous post). Will look forward to seeing you have it all done. Have fun!