Jun 15, 2015

Pam's Doll Quilt from Cecile

Pam also participated in the doll swap on Lori's blog and since she doesn't have her own blog, Pam asked me to please show her quilt for her. The only problem is that Pam is hundreds of miles away from home, taking care of her daughter who just had surgery and her three very active grandsons. With no pictures of her quilt for me. 

Pam's swap quilt was made by Cecile, who lives in France. Pam was tickled to death and took a picture of herself (sans makeup) with the quilt as soon as it arrived. She asked me NOT to post that picture. ;)

An adorable pink, brown and cream nine-patch! Who wouldn't love it? It reminds of neopolitan ice cream. It definitely looks good enough to eat!

Even the back is as cute as can be! 

Cecile has a blog too, and you can read more about Pam's quilt here. Be sure to hit the translate button-unless you can read French. I would be remiss if I didn't thank Cecile for the pictures I lifted from her blog!! You'll recognize them :)

Happy swapping. 


  1. It's so sweet! Love the backing too!

  2. Thank you so much Martia to present the quilt I have made for Pam !!
    I really loved to participate to this swap ! I was so fun !!
    Hugs from France !

    1. Cecile, It was my pleasure to show Pam's quilt from you! Hugs from Georgia