Jun 2, 2015

2015 Block Swap-April Blocks

I got out my fabrics the other day to start making my May swap blocks to mail in June and realized that I never posted my April blocks. Bad Grammy :(

Anne, Karen and Pam are wonderful swap partners. Their blocks are always beautiful and arrive on time--or early! Pam realized after she put these in the mail that she had made three blocks with dark centers and one with a light center (bottom row). She is rectifying that next month by making three with light centers. I have to admit that I am more attracted to the blocks with dark centers, too and have caught myself wanting to make all four that way!!

I mailed mine out to everyone else on time, but left my own sitting for a couple weeks before I finished stitching them. Probably another reason I forgot to post a picture. :) Here is a picture with all of our April blocks. 


  1. I agree that the dark centered blocks are more to my taste and can see why you would gravitate to making more of those.

  2. hello !
    You made very beatiful blocks !! I'm impatient to see the quilt done !