Jun 9, 2015

Fabric! Glorious Fabric!

I LOVE FABRIC!! I love the colors, the texture, the feel of it as my hand glides over it! It is an addiction-and I've got it bad! And I think this is an excellent theme song for me!

All of my recent inspiration from blog reading got me digging through my scrap bag. I sorted everything by color and pulled out all of the fabrics I thought might work in a low volume quilt. Next I went through three cabinets of stash fabrics. I get distracted easily (maybe a little ADD?) So, instead of focusing on low volume fabrics, I was weeding out old fabrics that I know I will never use in a quilt. Some of them said to me "what were you thinking when you bought me?" Other fabrics I have no recollection of ever purchasing!!

These fabrics didn't make the cut. Out with the old and in with the new. I'm going to let them hang in the closet for a while and then I'll go through them again--but I think they are going to end up in someone else's stash before long.

While going thru all of my fabrics I noticed a recurring theme--polka dots. I really do love them and had no idea I had collected so many thru the years. I decided to stack them all together and use them all in a future quilt. Aren't they cute?

After all  of the sorting and folding and ditching, it was time to do some shopping! My first stop is always my favorite quilt shop (A Scarlet Thread in McDonough, GA). This time I was hunting for lots of low volume fabrics. 

I think I was pretty successful. I can't wait to cut into them and get started!!

Next I went to Tiny Stitches quilt shop in Marietta, GA and found these 12 fat quarters. They are going to work nicely.

After that I hit the internet, where I quickly lost focus! I ordered anything and everything that appealed to me at the moment. Dangerous!!

These fabrics came from Burkholder's Fabrics in Denver, PA. I have shopped in their brick and mortar store and love it there. Their internet prices are great, their shipping costs are low, and, best of all-their selection is awesome!! So, I ordered some low-volume, some black and white and one French General that caught my eye. 

I found a new-to-me website, Bloomerie Fabrics, that has REALLY cute fabrics!! Her website just makes you happy to be there. I ordered these eight fabrics and will use a few of them in my low-volume quilt. The rest are just hanging in my stash.

Fat Quarter Shop is always a great place to shop online. I bought these Kim Diehl fabrics and split my order with my friend Pam. We each now have a fat quarter-perfect for a Kim Diehl applique quilt. 

Every day Fat Quarter Shop has a 24 hour flash sale. It starts at 10:00am central time, and runs until the next day at the same time or until the fabric sells out!! And some days it does. :) My daughter and I couldn't pass these up! 

I still wasn't finished shopping, though! It's like I'm fighting some kind of addiction. One I don't want to kick either!! I went to two quilt shops with my friend Judy last Thursday and I picked up several fat quarters for different projects.

I think I'm finished shopping for a while (I did order six yards from Fat Quarter Shop's 24 hour flash sale yesterday!! Four of the yards were to back a quilt, and at $5.38/yard, I just couldn't pass it up. 

I'm completely ready to start some new quilts. I have several other projects I need to finish up and then I am going to dig into these new fabrics!!

Happy fabric shopping!!


  1. I don't sing out loud very often, but I have sung your tune to my family tonight. Very appropriate for your shopping spree!

    1. Buying fabric makes me want to sing. (loud and off key!) I love "Big Bang Theory" and when I saw this, I laughed out loud and then sang it for my husband.

  2. Wonderful fabrics !!!
    One question : Marietta in Georgia ? Because in April, I slept 4 nights in Marietta before leaving for Paducah...it's incredible !! :)

    1. Yes, Cecile, Marietta, GA. I have a daughter, a son and 5 grandchildren who live there-so I am there as often as I can be.