Jul 14, 2013

A Little Tumbler "Quilt"

I put "quilt" in quotes in the title of this post because at 15 1/2 X 24", this little quilt just doesn't meet my criteria for a real quilt. I can't call it a miniature quilt, because the pieces are just too big. It doesn't fit on any table in my house as a tablerunner, so I'm not calling it that. So, it's just a little "quilt." 

Last Fall I went to the Georgia Quilting Expo at the Gwinnett Center and shopped with my favorite vendor, Primitive Gatherings. I have made no secret of the fact that I am in love with every single thing that Lisa Bongean does. I love her wool, her applique, her quilts, her books, her fabrics-you get the idea! While in her booth I spied a precut tumbler pack. There were 60 tumblers already cut for me and ready to sew. I have always wanted to try a tumbler, but I have never wanted to cut out tumblers (that was a huge deterrent to me!!) So, here was my perfect chance to try them. I laid my money down and took home my  newest little project. 

I sewed them up fairly soon after the show. They went together wonderfully and the shape was really fun to sew. I used 56 of the 60 in the pack-an 8 X 7 layout. And then since I had no plans for the little "quilt", I pinned the top to my design wall, where it has hung  gathering dust. 

Fast forward nine months. My husband and I have undertaken several home improvement projects lately and one of mine included painting an adorable child's chair that I bought at an antique market.

Here is my chair before I started painting it. I love red and normally this would have worked great in my house, as is. But the finish was really shiny and not the look I was going for. 

Lucky for me, I have recently discovered Annie Sloan chalk paint! I am painting everything in sight. If it doesn't move, it just may get a coat of paint!

The color paint I used is French Linen and I also put on the dark wax finish. I love how it came out! So quick and easy!

I found this oval tin bucket at Hobby Lobby and thought it would look cute sitting in the chair. 

This is my newly decorated spot in my house. I bought the black cabinet at another antique market, the lantern at a third! The clock came from World Market. 

And what does any of this have to do with a little tumbler quilt, you ask. I'm getting to that right now. My friend Pam (who is a decorating goddess and has just the right touch to making everything look perfect) gave her stamp of approval to my vignette, but did say that a cute little quilt in the chair would really set everything off. She is so right! Why didn't I think of that??

After Pam went home I took my tumbler quilt off the design wall and promptly quilted and bound it. I knew I had just the spot for it and was so excited to get it finished. 

I'm tickled with it here-what do you think?

Happy Quilting....and decorating with your quilts :)


  1. Your chair display looks fit for a magazine picture. A creative display with the tin and the quilt.

  2. What a great story to lead up to the little tumbler quilt! I enjoyed all the pictures. Great new look on the red chair. Your decorating is fantastic. What a lovely home you have. The little quilt is just the final touch needed.

  3. a delightful display!! i agree, the quilt sets it off perfectly!! btw that black antique cabinet is divine!! cheers...Marian