Feb 7, 2013

Those funny someecards

I don't know why, but I am in love with these silly cards. Some of them really hit home and make me laugh out loud. This is my quilting life in someecards.

Why is it that after we spend time folding and storing our stash, we all realize that we "need" more fabric? Maybe a few more greens to round out that stack, or some fabric to  "go with" that fat quarter bundle you got at the last quilt show. Admit it~no matter how much fabric we have, there is always a new one that calls our name and wants to go home with us. So, off to the store I go, and then.......

Now, be honest here. You're guilty of this too, aren't you? We get inside a quilt shop and are carried away to another place where time stands still. There are so many goodies to distract us, we all suffer from ADD as soon as we walk through the door. Ten minutes or two hours~it's all the same. I just need a fat quarter of this one and a half yard of that one.....and maybe 4 yards of that one, because it is on sale and I could use it on the back of a quilt someday.  

This one makes me laugh the most! I have enough fabric to last me the rest of my quilting life~even if I live and quilt to be 100. And even then, I may still have some left to bequeath to my daughters and granddaughters, too. I am sewing it up as quickly as I can, but I do seem to be bringing in more than is going out. It may have something to do with the fact that I keep organizing my stash and then going to the quilt shop and buying "just a little bit more."

I am very generous with my stash, though. You can ask my friends. They'll tell you, if you see a piece of fabric in my stash that you think would look good in your next project, or just better in your stash than mine~it's yours. And I will never miss it, either! I guess I am shopping for us all when I go to the store. 

If your quilting life was on a someecard, what would it say?

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  1. Tee Hee...would you like another friend? Seriously, though...I came here to see the "before" pictures of your studio. I'm a QuiltingBoard member too and am just in awe of the work you and your DH did to transform the room. I believe it is truly THE most beautiful sewing room I've ever seen. Thanks for sharing....