Feb 12, 2013

Sew Magazine

There are just some times in your life when everything is perfect and all your news is good news......and that feels so wonderful. Our first grandson just arrived 4 days ago and he is healthy and precious. Our youngest son's wedding is Feb 23 and we are so excited to have a new daughter in law. Our oldest daughter has designed a really cute fabric for Spoonflower's "Love is in the Air" contest. And our youngest daughter is featured in a magazine! Yes, life certainly is good. 

Sew Magazine is a monthly British publication featuring a wide variety of sewing projects. There is something for every style and taste in each issue. And each month the magazine also highlights a "blog of the month". This month that blogger is my daughter and her blog! 

Melissa started blogging in June 2010. Her blog is called Sew Like My Mom (which, of course, tickled the devil out of me.) She blogs about cooking, savvy shopping, and, of course, sewing. She makes clothing for both women and children and has tons of cute craft ideas. She has patterns for sale in her Etsy store and does awesome free tutorials on her blog. 

This picture is the page from the magazine where her blog is featured.

We have yet to find the magazine on any newsstand in the Atlanta area, but Melissa did download an issue. My friend, Tisha, who lives in England has sourced six magazines for us. We can't wait to see her in paper print! 

Yes, life is sweet and you have to take the time to savor the each and every moment. Blessings are everywhere if you take the time to look for them. 

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