Feb 27, 2013

Our Son's Wedding

This is just a quick post to say that last Saturday our son got married! Elise is an official member of our ever-growing family. There are 16 of us now-and that's just my husband and myself, our kids and kids-in-law, and our grands! We added two new members this month-our grandson and daughter-in-law.

The wedding was spectacular and the reception was a blast! I was so busy drinking in every moment that I forgot to take pictures and so until I have received some from the bride and groom, I have nothing to share. :(

I did make the ring bearer pillow and flower girl basket for the wedding. I think they both came out cute and I am going to post about them soon. I took pictures as I went along to do a sorta step-by-step tutorial of the basket-it definitely was one of a kind and I wanted to show that you can use your imagination and come up with your own ideas for projects like these. 

My Internet modem and wireless router are apparently not speaking to each other at this time. Not sure what their issues are-they need to kiss and make up-and so I am quickly blogging on my husband's work computer with his air card. I need to get this resolved so that I can get back on my own computer. 

Now that the festivities of February are behind me, it is time to start quilting again. Today I worked on swap blocks. I hope to be back online and posting pics and projects soon. Be patient with me.

Happy Quilting.

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  1. Your life is on a roll; so many good things happening! New grandbaby, your daughter being published in magazine, and now a new Daughter-in-law! May all the good things keep coming your way. Will look forward to seeing your quilty projects; and anything else you have to share.