Aug 12, 2015

My Gorgeous Wooden Seam Ripper

Three weeks ago I went to South Carolina to see my two BFFs, Pam and Anne. There was a "vendor only" quilt show going on in Columbia and it was a great excuse for us to get together. 

I bought a few fat quarters here and there at the show. Shopping was not the point of the trip-being with my friends was.

And the point of this blog post isn't to chat about the trip or the quilt show, but to share with you the new seam ripper that Anne gave me (she gave a similar one to Pam too). It is absolutely gorgeous and is a piece of art. 

Anne has a friend in her guild named Carol Fischbach. Carol's husband, Woody, turned the wood on his lathe and made this beauty. Carol brought some to their quilt guild meeting and the ladies went crazy for them! Anne bought several seam rippers and spool holders. (After they sold them all, Woody turned around and donated ALL the money to their guild!! Wasn't that sweet?)

Pam and I are ecstatic! They are SO beautiful! I wish you could feel how smooth and polished the wood is. Mine is made of maple. It has now actually become a pleasure to have to rip a seam. I have to admit that I have used it several times already. :)

In case you've never seen one before, I'll show you how it's made. The seam ripper pulls out of its wooden holder, and then you turn it around and put the non-ripper end back into the wood.

I can wear the necklace around my neck to keep my ripper close at hand, but when I need to use it, it easily pulls off, because it is held on with a magnet.

Anne also bought me a spool holder that Woody made. It is just as pretty to look at and fun to use. 

It's wonderful for those spools of thread with the large center holes or for thread cones. It keeps them from rattling around on your spindle.

Here it is sitting on my machine. Doesn't it make my spool of thread look fancy?

I'm such a lucky girl. Thank you so much to my dear friend, Annie.


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