Aug 14, 2015

Back To School Time

It's that time of year again-back to school. This summer has been extremely hot, with highs in the 90's for weeks on end and heat index readings of 105-115*-pure misery. We have had some pool time, but some days it was like swimming in a bath tub and not refreshing at all. 

I think all of the kids have looked forward to going back to school to see their friends. Sofia and Chloe were the first two to start school-on August 3. Sofia is in 2nd grade and Chloe was so excited to be in kindergarten this year. Their mom made them each special new dresses for the first day. 

On Saturday, August 8, we had our 6th annual back to school tea. This year my daughter, Melissa, was the hostess. We had such a good time eating finger sandwiches, scones, and fruit and sipping peach tea. 

Our family is getting bigger (and older) every year! At almost 10 months, this was Gabby's first tea and this year we have seven who are going to school! Our back to school tea is a family tradition that we all enjoy so much! 

Melissa got out the china that was her great grandmother's to set a special table-isn't it perfect for a tea party? This is the kid's table-

Yesterday Ella and Ollie headed off to preschool. Ella is in the 3K program this year, though she turns 4 in September. Ollie is starting school for the first time ever this year. At 2 1/2, he has been going to preschool to drop his sisters off his whole life and he was very excited about staying to play. Melissa made Ella's dress and Ollie's shorts and shirt, too.

The last ones to start back to school were the three oldest. This morning Katelyn, Emily and Madison headed out the door to 7th, 5th and 4th grade. It seems like just yesterday they were in preschool. 

Now it's time for field trips, soccer games, and homework. It will be Christmas before you know it!

Have a great school year! I love you all, 


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  1. Your school tea is a very great idea !!
    Good luck for all these lovely children on the photos !!
    And good luck too for the parents !! :)