Aug 10, 2015

Free Fabric!

I love my local quilt shop, A Scarlet Thread! The owners, Ken and Karen Taylor, have created an atmosphere where shopping is so much fun. Their employees, who they call their "quilt divas", are warm, welcoming, friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful. They cater to their customer's every whim. There are several times I have mentioned something new on the quilt market and they either (a) already have it in the store (b) have it ordered and it's on its way or (c) get it in stock because I mentioned it. What more could you ask for in a quilt shop? How about FREE FABRIC? 

Last week was A Scarlet Thread's 9th birthday. In those nine years they have been in three locations and each has gotten bigger and even better, but has never lost the personal touch they are known for. They celebrated with three days of "Buy 9 yards, get 9 yards free"! Who could possibly pass that up???

Not this girl! I need more fabric like I need another hole in my head, but I could not let this opportunity go by without taking advantage of it.

I had no idea what I was going to buy when I walked in the door, but I don't ever have to look hard to find something I "need" for my stash. Since I am so drawn to polka dots these days, I picked out grey, yellow, red and blue dots and got a yard of each. I found a terrific green that would be wonderful in my new "brights" stash. Two Kim Diehl fabrics, two neutrals and three Kansas Troubles rounded out my purchases. I bought four yards of two of the KT to use for backings. Two of the bolts I bought had a small amount left after my one yard purchase, so I went ahead and bought it too. My total yardage ended up being 18 3/4 yards. 

I had done some rough math at home before I left. The fabrics were approximately $12/yard and I was going to be paying for nine yards. That's rouhly $108 + tax. Plus I was getting nine more yards for free! Sweet!!! To make it all even better, I had a $100 gift certificate from my mother-in-law to spend! 

So, with tax and after my gift certificate, I spent a grand total of $28.30 for 18 3/4 yards of fabric!! Win-win!! I am a happy camper.  :)

Disclaimer-The opinions expressed in this blog post are mine. A Scarlet Thread has not sponsored this post or paid me in any way for writing this. 

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  1. Oh my Gosh !! (I can say it no ?) !!! :)))
    Why don't we have the same quilt shop in France ???
    I'm very happy for you !
    Hugs !