Aug 1, 2013

Sofia and Lisa

I am SO excited! I checked my email this morning and I had an email from Lisa Bongean that she has a new post on her blog. (I get one every time she posts so I don't miss a thing.) When I saw her latest post I was jumping up and down and had to call my daughter, email my friends the link and post it on Facebook!! 

My granddaughter, Sofia, is on Lisa's blog! There is a picture of the two of them from a quilt show in Georgia. I showed the picture to Lisa when she was the guest speaker at the East Cobb Quilters Guild meeting in May and she asked me to email it to her. Lisa remembered Sofia, and me taking their pic, and she wanted a copy of it too. I had no idea that she would share it in a blog post! 

AWESOME!!!  (Insert great big smiley face here)

Here is the link to Lisa's post 

and here is where I posted the same picture on my blog in June.

When my daughter Melissa showed the post to Sof, she hugged her mom and said "Aw, that's the sweetest thing!"  And it is.

Happy Quilting!

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