Jun 2, 2012

Matt's Quilt

I feel SO good. I have finally finished Matthew's quilt top! I gave it to Judy to take home with her when she was here on Monday afternoon. In my excitement to have it finished, I forgot to take a picture of the finished top! Here is a picture with the first border on. It is on the floor in my quilt room-too big and heavy to fit on my design wall now. 

Judy has the quilt at her house now, loaded on her long arm and ready to be quilted. I can't wait to see how it looks when she is finished. We decided that a meander stitch was all the quilt needed. 

The colors of the quilt in Judy's photo are 
much more true to color than mine are! 

I will post a picture of Matthew with his quilt when it is quilted and bound. I am hoping to give it to him when he comes on Father's Day. Speaking of Matthew, he just proposed to his girlfriend on Monday night! We are so thrilled-we just love Elise and are excited to welcome her into our family.

The pattern that I used for Matthew's quilt was a free download on Andover Fabrics called Halfway Cafe. The original quilt finishes at 57X68", but I enlarged it to fit a deep queen mattress and made it 90X101". 

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  1. The quilt turned out fantastic! Your son should love it very much! So happy you have a project you can call "complete". And best wishes for your son with his fiance'.