Sep 25, 2014

I'm Broken :(

Just as I got back into the swing of things-quilting and blogging on a regular basis, catching up on projects, and finishing my last block for our swap this year-life threw me a HUGE curve ball. 

I walk our dog, Molly, two miles twice a day-morning and evening. On the evening of September 4 we were out for our stroll as darkness was approaching. I decided that I could get home faster, wear the dog out some, and maybe lose some weight if we ran (ok, jogged) instead of walked. We were doing great until that millisecond where Molly decided to dart between my legs from behind. I never saw it coming. One second I was running down the street and the next I was flat on my face in the road. The first thought that came to mind was "Help, I've fallen and can't get up!" As I lay there, I began to assess my situation. My left cheek was on fire-there was blood and pain, but I didn't think it was broken. I could see lots of swelling in my right arm-definitely broken! My right knee was burning too, but didn't feel any worse than some bad road rash. I has scrapes on both hands, my glasses were laying broken, about 10" away from my face, and I could see my cell phone, laying just beyond my reach. 

Thank goodness I had my cell phone with me! I was able to wiggle my right arm enough to pull it closer. And then I saw-the crystal had been shattered in my fall. I prayed it would still work and after about 15 attempts to put in my lock code with a very shaky hand, my phone finally opened. It worked and I quickly called my husband. He said I sounded really calm when I told him what had happened. He immediately jumped in the car and came for me. By now it was pitch dark out and there I was-laying on the side of the road, looking like the victim of a hit and run! Thank goodness Molly stayed by me. She was very concerned about me and even though she is terribly afraid of cars, she didn't leave my side as our car approached. 

After spending all night in the ER, having X-rays of my arm and a cat scan of my head, we were finally back home at 5:00am. But there is no rest for the weary-we needed to be at the orthopedic hand specialist at 7:45. I took a bath and shampooed the sand and gravel out of my hair (using only my left hand, since the right one was in a splint) while my husband walked the dog, fed her breakfast and showered. 

As luck would have it, I broke the head of my radius at an angle and it had to be surgically repaired with a plate and screws in order to heal. But, that surgery wasn't going to happen until Tuesday. They replaced my splint with a more comfortable one and sent me home with pain medications for the next three days. Tuesday morning I reported in and after a short outpatient surgery was sent home in a third splint. 

Two weeks have now passed since the surgery and yesterday I had a follow up dr. visit. My sutures were removed, I got to wash my arm, and I got a cast on. I found out that I also have a small fracture in my ulna too! If I'm going to break something, I'm going to do it all the way!

My family and friends have been my salvation. My sweet husband has been by my side every minute, attending to my every need. My daughters have prepared meals and friends have also sent dinners, books, gifts and get well cards. I have felt spoiled! 

My biggest frustration---I have all this time on my hands and I can't sew! I'm right handed and this has totally incapacitated me! I have written thank you notes with my left hand and my first grade granddaughter has better handwriting than me! I can eat with my left hand, but my husband has to cut up my food for me. :)  I have passed the days reading books and watching TV. I had done some one-armed laundry folding and loaded a few dishes in the dishwasher, but I'm pretty much worthless. The next four weeks can't go by fast enough! But then, I'm going to have 4-6 weeks of physical therapy. I hope to be back to my old self by Thanksgiving. 


  1. Oh my! I'm so sorry to hear. Praying for a speedy recover for you and patience in the mean time!

  2. It has been awhile now. I hope and pray you are feeling much better. What a terrible thing to happen to you. I was so sad reading your post. Please take care.

  3. Gosh what an awful fall. Hope you are much better now and able to enjoy Christmas.