Jul 18, 2014

Sofia and Grammy Day

This summer is absolutely flying by and I have had very little time for quilting or blogging. Instead I have been filling my days with family summer activities. We have attended the $3 summer movies, gone swimming at the neighborhood pool and been barbecuing. 

And, then we bought a boat this week-so "going to the lake"  is going on our list of summer fun soon. 

And, we also got a dog! What was I thinking? Am I not busy enough already? She is a doll though, so I am thrilled with our decision. 

But yesterday's fun topped it all. I started a tradition five years ago with my oldest granddaughter of having a special one-on-one day during the summer after kindergarten graduation. These "Grammy and me" days have been so much fun! Katelyn and I spent the day in Charleston, SC, visiting the children's museum, taking a horse and buggy tour, and shopping the outdoor marketplace. For our second granddaughter, Emily, I took her to her first horseback riding lessons. She was in heaven! The next year, Madison and I spent a wonderful day at Zoo Atlanta together. She is my animal lover, so this was right up her alley! 

This year Sofia graduated from kindergarten, so it was her turn. She had first said she wanted to go to the zoo, but changed her mind and opted for the Georgia Aquarium (even though she had just been there in January.) A bubble bath and sleepover started the festivities on Wednesday night. On Thursday morning we headed to the aquarium, with a short stop at Dunkin Donuts for some munchkins to eat along the way. 

There is so much to see and do at the aquarium and even though I have been at least 6 times before, I enjoy each and every visit. And it's always fun to go and see it through the eyes of a child. Sofia said her favorite thing was the dolphin show, but every single thing we did was a blast for both of us. 

Our first stop was the jellyfish. They are so graceful and serene. 

Sofia loved all the colorful fish and beautiful living coral reef in the Tropical Diver section.

The penguins are adorable! And since you can pop your head up in acrylic tubes in the middle of their habitat you can get up close and personal.

A fish themed face painting is a must-do activity!

When you walk through the acrylic tunnel in the Ocean Voyager section you feel like you can just reach out and touch giant fish.

The touch pools are always favorites with the kids. Sofia got to touch a sea star and in this picture she is touching a ray. 

We had a fabulous day!!

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