Jul 25, 2014

Annie's Choice

My friend Anne had a birthday last month and Pam and I put our heads together for a gift for her. Pam's terrific idea was for the two of us to make blocks for her that she could make into a quilt. We turned to one of our favorite websites for quilt blocks, Quilter's Cache. 

We found a perfect block-Annie's Choice-and decided to make them in her favorite color-green. Pam had a solid light tan that we shared and we each picked 6 greens from our stash for the blocks. 

These are the six blocks I made. They are laying out on the floor in my quilt room ready to be sewn together. I had a great time making them, but I had to be very careful not to turn any of the half square triangles as I sewed them together. 

Anne had a happy birthday and she loved the blocks we sent her. Score! 

1 comment:

  1. What a wonderful present. The blocks do look like they could easily be mixed up. I can see that you would have to look twice before sewing. :0)