Jan 8, 2014

Quilting Hours Logged

Three hundred and forty hours! That's how much time I spent on my favorite hobby last year.  That an average of 56 minutes a day. Not bad. Not bad at all. But I am going to track it again this year and see if I can do even better. 

I kept a day by day log of how much time I spent cutting, piecing, quilting, appliqueing, and sewing, etc. It was interesting to see my quilting and sewing "trends". I am definitely an "all or nothing" quilter. In January, April and November I spent 41 total hours on my applique project. May through October I spent ZERO minutes! I am either working on it all the time-or I'm not working on it at all. 

I also found that February, March and August were SLOW months for quilting at my house. I must have been very busy with other activities. 

This year is off to a good start. I have already spent more than an hour a day at the sewing machine. I'm working on a really fun project which I will blog about as soon as I am finished. 

Happy Quilting in 2014.

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  1. I would love to keep a log of how long I quilt, but even when I sit down to quilt, I stop frequently for a quick check of email, potty break, go get a soda, etc. Each stop may only take a minute or two, but added up, they do cut into my time quilting. Maybe I should just ignore those little breaks?? ha!