Jan 14, 2014

My Latest Project

Instead of taking a break after Christmas, I started on another project. In fact, I am making a new project times three. I am making something for myself and for my two best friends. I wanted to have these done before Christmas, but unfortunately it didn't happen. I didn't beat myself up about it though and decided that I would just make these projects in January and have fun with them with no deadline.

My husband and I went to Gatlinburg, TN for our annual anniversary/post Christmas get-away on Dec 28th. I took my fabric, rotary cutter and mat with me so that I could get started. I sure am glad I did.

I cut. And cut. And cut!! And I used Lisa Bongean's cutting method. Wow! It sure makes the work go faster! I will be cutting this way from now on. 

I didn't stop to do the math before I started cutting, but quickly realized just exactly how many squares I needed. I had to have 75 2 1/2" squares per project and 300 1 1/8" squares. That is a total of 1125 squares!! That's a LOT of cutting! 

I stacked them all in piles that would be sewn together later. 

I have started stitching and am having so much fun. This is a challenging and fun project. But, since I don't want my friends to see these before I am finished, I will have to wait to share more pics later....

In the meantime, happy quilting. 

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