Oct 13, 2013

Jacksonville Quilt Fest

While Tisha was here for her annual Fall visit we decided we needed to attend at least one other quilt show. And Jacksonville fit the bill-right time, not too far away, great show with beautiful quilts and wonderful vendors.

It only took us three days to make it to Jacksonville because we had to stop in Savannah and Jekyll Island on the way. I wanted to show Tisha the beauty of old Savannah and the beach at Jekyll. It was the perfect time of year to be at the beach-we had the entire stretch of sand all to ourselves when we took our morning walk. Beautiful.............

The Jacksonville quilt show was a new one for me. And it proved to be worth the drive. Here is a taste of the quilts we saw.

And the miniatures were fabulous! I love to see traditional quilts in such tiny proportions!

I just had to take a close up picture of the details in this miniature! Look how many teeny, tiny pieces are in each of those blocks! I know they are paper pieced-but who cares? That is little bitty detail at it's finest!! I'm impressed. 

I managed to spend quite a bit of money at the show too-and we stopped at several quilt shops on our way home, too. The fun just never ends when you are doing quilty things with quilting friends.

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  1. Great selection of quilts. Looks like you have been having some fun. So happy for you. Thanks for sharing all the different quilt pictures.