Jun 18, 2013

Georgia Celebrates Quilts~The East Cobb Quilter's Guild Quilt Show

Wow, that's a long title for a blog post. And it looks like I was trying to see how many times I could use the word "quilt" in one post title. But, when you are writing about quilts and you're excited about quilts--then you want to just shout "quilts" at the top of your lungs. 

Last weekend was the Georgia Celebrates Quilts show at the Cobb County Civic Center in  Marietta, GA and it was fantastic! As a guild member I got to go on Thursday night for the awards ceremony and a preview of the quilts in the show. We have had a very rainy spring with lots of thunderstorms and Thursday evening was no exception. As we left the auditorium to go into the building with the quilts, the sky had darkened and the tornado sirens were going off! Everyone was calm and continued to look at the quilts as the rain pelted down and the lights went out! Thank goodness for emergency lighting. We were able to continue viewing the show quilts. There were never any tornadoes, but the 90 mph "tornado like winds" (according to the local meteorologist) at my daughter's nearby house had us all a little anxious! 

Friday morning the sunshine broke through and the crowds came. The show was wonderful. I volunteered for a two hour shift as a vendor hostess. It was so much fun. I ran back and forth to the break room getting sandwiches, drinks and snacks for the vendors. They were all so sweet and appreciative. 

I took pictures of some of the quilts I enjoyed and I thought I would share them with you. I hope you enjoy your virtual quilt show. And remember, I am a terrible photographer-especially with my cell phone. 

First, the applique-always a favorite of mine.....

There were beautiful pieced quilts too....

I am always amazed by the miniatures.....

There are always a few quilts that add whimsy to the show and put a smile on your face...

And this quilt was Best Of Show....

There were over 250 quilts in the show-so there were many that I didn't take a picture of. I always try to get a nice variety of photos to catch the "flavor" of a show. I hope you enjoyed these. 

Happy Quilting.


  1. The applique quilts are my favorite too. Thank you for sharing those that caught your eye. The one with the dark background and the red and greens (at least it appears that color in the picture) is one I intend on making some time in the future. I have the pattern and fabric.

    1. Karen, It was my favorite! I would love to make it some day too!

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