Apr 15, 2013

Love Letters Quilt-Block #5

I have been a bad blogger lately-but I have been sewing quite a bit. I don't seem to be able to find a balance between the two activities.

Two weeks ago I finished The Rose Hip-it's the fifth block of my Love Letters quilt. Now that it's completed, I am officially more than half way through! Each block I finish is a milestone for me. I am loving needleturn applique-I am more than willing to forego other activities (like cooking and cleaning) in order to have more time to stitch on my block.

These are the five blocks I have completed so far-in the position they will be on the finished quilt. I think it's crazy that they aren't in order in the book-but I'm sure there is a reason for it. So, I am stitching them the way they are presented. 

Here is the Rose Hip block. There were two pieces to all the flowers and buds-a total of 52 applique pieces to this block. 

Detail of a flower and bud.

These leaves are the easiest to stitch.

I tucked the contrasting tip of the bud underneath. It was a challenge to get it in the right place!

This was my favorite flower on this block. The shape was simple to stitch. 

I have been stitching away on the sixth block and should have it finished by the end of the week. The more blocks I finish, the more I want to stitch on them. I hope that I have this quilt finished (including quilted!) by the end of the year. There! I said it! So, that's my goal. Now everyone will know if I meet it! 

Happy Quilting!!

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