Feb 16, 2012

My Quilt Room!

I have everything a quilty girl could want~I have my own room, a great sewing machine, and fabric and patterns galore.  Lots of quilters blog about their space and others look at their pics for inspiration.  I have decided to post a few pics to show that you can have a great room and not spend a fortune~but it does help to have a handy husband.  :)

I prefer to sew on a flat surface, so I purchased a cabinet for my sewing machine.  When I got my sit-down long arm I backed the two machines up to each other. It gives me a wonderful large surface for piecing and quilting. 

My husband made this drop down surface to the left of the machine. The legs come out and the extension drops down when it is not in use.  You can also see my design wall in this picture.  It is two sheets of insulation board taped together and then cut to size. I covered it in flannel and it's nailed to the wall.  I think we are going to eventually hinge it on the right side and make it two sided!! 

I love my cutting table!  We went to the hardware store and bought 4 unfinished lower kitchen cabinets, painted and fastened them together, then added the top.  It's a great surface~and just the right height for me. I wanted the overhang for the bar stool.  I sit there to look at quilt magazines or sketch out patterns~it is also a terrific place for a little granddaughter to sit and visit while I am working.   

My husband also made this long table for me and I bought the plastic drawers at Wal-mart to store "stuff" in.  I keep all my rulers on top (he cut ruler racks for me too~I told you a handy husband is an asset)

The shelves I use for storage fabric came from Staples.  I really like them because they are stackable--each of these is two units stacked together.  I have two more sets on the other side of the window.

A place to curl up and hand sew or look at quilt magazines or books is a bonus.  It's a cozy corner and I love to sit here. 

That's it~my quilting space. I wish I just had more time to spend there....


  1. I absolutely LOVE your sewing room. It is wonderful. You did such a great job in the designing. I would love to have a space like that myself someday. Wonderful hubby you have there too. Mine is handy and makes things for me too! Sew, quilt, enjoy!

  2. Hi,could you say how big is your sewing room? I really like the layout and it seems very comfortable to use.