Feb 15, 2012

Grammy Quilts

I began quilting 12 years ago. Through the years, I have found myself drawn to traditional quilts. I love scrappy, Civil War, 2-color, and primitive projects. Kansas Troubles and Jo Morton fabrics make up a large percentage of my fabric stash. I enjoy piecing my tops and watching my quilt take shape~but when it comes to quilting, I would rather visit the dentist for a root canal than slide that quilt sandwich under my machine needle and have to "quilt as desired". For years I sent my larger quilts to someone else to finish for me and was not always pleased with what I got back. Last year I bought an HQ Sweet 16 sit-down long arm and I am now trying to learn to finish my own tops.

I became a Grammy for the first time 8 1/2 years ago and I have to say~being "Grammy" is more fun and more rewarding for me than quilting will ever be. I have six of the most beautiful granddaughters ever and I am fortunate to live close to all of them. I made each granddaughter a quilt when she was born and instructed their moms that these were "drag around" quilts. I wanted them used and loved-and they are!

I am hoping that by blogging about quilting that I will be inspired to finish my current projects and some long overdue UFOs in a more timely manner. I see other bloggers who knock out multiple projects every month (some even finish more than one project in a week!!) I will never have the time to do that. My granddaughters come first and if I have to pick between being with them or sitting in my quilt room~they win every time.

So, here goes.......my online quilt journal.

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