Nov 21, 2013

Progress on The Ornamental Kale Block

I have been stitching in the evenings and making good progress on my Ornamental Kale block. I did have to re-arrange my pieces more times than I liked to get the balance just right on both sides-there are a LOT of pieces to fit on this block! This is definitely the hardest block on this quilt! 

If I keep up this pace I will have this block done before Christmas and just may be able to start another.

Last week my friend Pam came to visit. Since she is also making the When The Cold Wind Blows quilt, she brought her blocks and we spread both of ours out in the guest bedroom. She put hers on the bed and I spread mine on the floor. The pics are not good because it was night, I used my cell phone, and I had to stand in a chair to get the whole quilt in the picture-but I wanted to show you what we have gotten done. 

Pam's background fabric is much darker than mine and really makes her applique "pop". Each block's fabric is different and they are all sampler pattern fabrics by MInnick and Simpson. I love the way it looks--so old fashioned and yummy!!! As you can tell-Pam is on the very last block-she is very driven and gets more done in a day than I do in an entire week.

These are my blocks. I still have two more to go when I finish this one. But I am really excited about getting this quilt done. As I work on each block I think about how I want to quilt it. I'm coming up with fun ideas and hope that I'm able to pull it off when the time comes!

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