May 27, 2013

Quilt Room Valances

I have to be the worst blogger on the www! May has always been a busy month in our family-as I imagine it is for a lot of others. It is the end of the school year with all the activities that go along with it. Now that our kids are grown, it is the grandkids' activities that are keeping me busy. And I don't want to miss any of them! 

I have managed to squeeze out some time for quilting. I haven't touched my applique in weeks, but Ollie's quilt top is finished! I am going to sandwich it tomorrow and start the quilting. I am so excited to get it finished--and Ollie's mom (my daughter, Melissa) is excited too. 

Today I whipped up some valances for the windows in my quilt room. Just a simple casing at the top and a hem-nothing fancy. I wanted them for a splash of color in the room. I love paisley and when I saw this fabric I knew I just had to have it! 

I bought the Q U I L T letters at Hobby Lobby. They were white and my husband spray painted them red for me. I have a little confession to make about them. See the U? Well, it's not really a U at all. In my haste to select the letters I bought an N. When we went to hang the U I discovered that the holes were drilled at the bottom! How could they make such a horrible mistake? Maybe it's because when you turn it right side up, it's an N!! I felt so stupid, but my sweet hubby just turned it around and drilled new holes in the other end for me so that I could hang it as a U! There must be some natural blond to me after all :)

So, this is how my little vignette has turned out. I love my treadle machine, the quilt frame behind it with the old quilt hanging on it and all of my neat old accessories adorning the top of the machine cabinet. And now I have a splash of red to accent it all.

Happy Quilting


  1. The "n" works perfectly upside down. My eyes were immediately drawn to the treadle sewing machine. I used to have several treadle sewing machines but sold or gave them away when we down-sized on our last move. Now I have small antique and vintage machines.

  2. Love your vignette; would never have noticed the "u" being a "n" (upside down). :) The new curtains are pretty and it definitely adds a splash of color.